Never Alone

When I told a friend that I may be alone this Christmas Day and following days she asked if that would be hard for me.
Not really my friend, because: I AM NEVER ALONE
In fact the times I spend alone with Jesus are very special and bring contentment and joy to my life.
It is hard to explain the presence of Jesus by His Spirit in my life, unless you too experience this in your life. And just maybe, the times you and I know it the best is when we are alone with Him.
Christmas Day I got in my car, turned on CBC and to my delight the entire production of Handel’s Messiah came pouring forth and I turned it louder and louder as I traveled towards the mountains – something I may not have been able to do had I not been by myself.
When I left Calgary it was a dull cloudy day but when I reached Ghost Lake the sun was brilliant in the bright blue sky. It reminded me of what it might have been like to be astounded by the star over Bethlehem announcing the birth of Jesus. I told the lady I met at the Lake as we stood there watching the ice skaters and walkers, that I thanked Jesus for the brightness of this special day.
In Banff I lost myself in memories as I watched the skaters and tobogganers by the Banff Springs Hotel and took pictures of the water gushing through the ice on the Bow Falls.
I remembered a day when Lewis and i were here with Corey and Susan and their family, watching them toboggan and skate as we sat by the fire at the edge of the scene.
I smiled at the memory of Lewis walking on the trail by the Golf Course holding the hands of his two grandchildren, Carissa and Connor. It was shortly before they left for Hong Kong to work with drug addicts.
The Golf Course isn’t green today as there is lots of snow but there are still families bundled up in winter attire walking leisurely, making their own memories.
It is okay to be alone with Jesus sometimes. It is okay to be sad and talk to Him about it. He brings peace and communes with my spirit in a way that would never happen around other people.
So, my friend it is okay for me to be alone because: